How to Brainstorm for Creative Ideas?

Make brainstorming is one of the creative techniques used in large enterprises. It is not a great mystery or the best-kept secret that the famous brainstorming will help you boost creativity in your business and solve problems that arise.

To renew yourself and get out of that circle that never ends up recycling old and used ideas, in today’s post, I will explain how you can brainstorm effectively along with some ideas that will be useful to you. Improve creativity in your company while making your business grow much more.

I don’t wait any longer. Let’s get started!

First, what is brainstorming?

We love challenging words in marketing, and we use them frequently: keyword, engagement, social media, leads, etc.

The word brainstorming was not going to be left behind, of course. This English term refers to the first step in any creative process.

Depending on what we are going to use it for, it can be carried out in one way or another. For example, when writing a college paper, many students will pick up a blank piece of paper and a pen and let their imaginations run wild until they can find a topic that suits them.

In this case, brainstorming within a company is a group technique in which 8 or 12 people meet (that’s the ideal number) to provide solutions to a problem or find innovative ideas to improve.

Whose idea was it?

The idea of ​​brainstorming came to publicist Alex Faickney Osborn in 1919 when he realized that people could create many more and better ideas if it is appropriately organized.

It was this revolutionary idea that he later managed to save his agency.

Benefits and advantages of brainstorming for your business

If Alex could do it, so can you. At Witified, we firmly believe in the power of teamwork, and we know for a fact that applying techniques such as brainstorming can help you enormously. Do not stop reading; these are the advantages of using brainstorming in your business.

Look for new solutions to problems.

It is one of the most direct advantages when using brainstorming in your company. Sometimes we think about the same problem thousands of times without reaching a conclusion that will serve us.

The good thing about the team is having people who have a perspective and thinking different from ours. If we all approach a problem from different points of view, in the end, we will be able to find more quickly the root of the difficulty that has been presented to us.

In this way, we can optimize time and get much more effective and innovative responses.

Encourage participation and create team dynamics.

As social beings that we are, we all like to feel that we are part of something

In this way, brainstorming sessions will make your colleagues or employees feel more supported by the company. It will create a much more rigid and robust team idea in the face of possible inconveniences.

Teamwork is something that is always recommended to improve the work environment and employee relations.

Increase productivity

The word “productivity” is used a lot in business. After all, a company with high productivity is an effective company. Using brainstorming to solve difficulties within the company will decrease the time dedicated to this, and we will also be able to do it effectively, avoiding its repetition over time.

Improve team dynamics and communication

Whether you own a company or work in one, being in a team with good operating dynamics will always bring us closer to our goals and make us feel better. Therefore, brainstorming is perfect for achieving that flow or fluency in the office.

Manage Teams - What is Brainstorming - How to Brainstorm?

For a brainstorming session to be efficient,   that participants listen to each other is essential. At first, for the first few times you brainstorm, it can get a bit chaotic. However, practice makes perfect, and with the time, you will achieve that dynamism that so many companies seek.

How to organize a brainstorming in your company

Now that you know how you can benefit from brainstorming in your company, it is about time we got down to business (or well, in this case, at the table). Prepare your notes and take notes; these are the steps you must follow to know how to brainstorm effectively.

Choose a coordinator or moderator for the brainstorming session.

So that the brainstorming meeting does not end up drowning your colleagues or employees, the first step will be to choose a coordinator who will moderate the speaking time and the times in which each person can speak.

In addition to being the one who puts some order when chaos reigns, he will also be the one who will keep the session spun around the initial theme of the meeting. It’s easy to ramble and distance ourselves from our ultimate goals, so having someone serve as a beacon for us during the storm will be an excellent idea.

Where do you want to go? → Set your goals

Another of the most important things to achieve your goals is to have them. In marketing, we always make sure we have a specific purpose that guides us throughout the process.

Think, what do you want to achieve with this brainstorming session? What problems are most important? What new ideas do you want to get? Write everything down, and do not miss any of your goals.

When the meeting begins, go one by one addressing all the aspects and ideas that are presented. You’ll feel real fulfillment when you get to cross them off your list.

  • Set rules to keep order

We always encourage teamwork, but sometimes we forget that it is not easy. Before you start, create a series of rules to ensure that everyone will have their turn to speak and that their ideas will be respected. You can set a time limit, and as the sessions improve, you can eliminate it.

It also involves reminding all participants that everyone’s ideas are equally important and must be respected. Encouraging active listening and avoiding criticism is the key to successful brainstorming.

  • Let your ideas fly without fear.

Give all attendees a pencil and paper. Raise the topic that you want to address in that meeting and allow a couple of minutes for each one to write down the different ideas that may come to them on paper. You can also submit topics in advance and ask them to come to the meeting with an idea already prepared.

→ To ensure your success, encourage everyone to freedom of ideas and create a warm environment to speak without fear that what they suggest will not be judged. It is vital that everyone feels comfortable and at ease to get the most out of the brainstorming session.

Latest tips and brushstrokes for a perfect brainstorming

As a final touch, I am going to take the opportunity to make a summary and give you a couple of tips to know how to brainstorm the perfect thing in your company. Keep reading; we are about to finish.

·      Keep an open mind. The key to brainstorming is listening and thinking about new ways of seeing things.

·      Write it all down. Ideas flow by themselves after a while, and they can end up escaping us. Putting it all in writing will allow you to review it later and perhaps give it a few more laps.

·      Encourage all participants. In a group of people, some people dare to speak more than others. Encourage the shyest to speak up and express their ideas without fear.

·      The more diverse, the better. Even if the problem arises in the administration department, perhaps there are people in other departments who can also contribute some original ideas from a different perspective. Don’t forget to hold meetings with different people and with different backgrounds to get a better brainstorming.

Thats is it for today, folks! Has this post served you? Knowing how to brainstorm effectively can be what makes your company grow, even more, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Are there problems that are impossible to solve? That at is possible. If you need help to get more visibility on social networks or climb to Google’s top, you can count on us. Not sure what to do with your website? Our development team will take care of it. Get in touch with us, and we will solve your problems.

You know, after the storm, the sun always comes out.

How to succeed as a freelance developer? Four Tips

I have four tips on how I have come to succeed as a Freelance developer. From early on, during my adolescence and youth, I have always been very interested in dedicating myself to my work. So much so, that I tried many things throughout my life, from buying electronic items from china in batches and selling them on eBay. To working my luck in affiliate marketing.

But it was when I decided to study Computer Science and dedicate myself to software development, that I began to see more clearly that this could be an option that I should not rule out. Today I am 100% dedicated to my project, mainly focused on Android development, but my experience can also be worth it if you want to become a freelance programmer and provide programming and development services to the clients and getting paid in return.

1.  Get some experience

You have asked people several times if you could become a freelance right after finishing your degree. The short answer is yes, but you will have much more struggle than if you do it once you have had an experience.

People with experience in a field generate much more credibility. This is the same whether you want to look for a new job or if you want to work as a freelance. When I decided to start dedicating myself to Android development, even though I had been working as a developer for almost five years, this did not open too many doors for me to this new specialty.

How did I get it? Stay until the end, because in the fourth point I reveal it to you. What is true is that if you want to be taken seriously, you need professional experience. The more, the better, but at least two years, I think is reasonable.

2.  Learn new skills

Once you set it up on your own, knowing only about programming will not be enough, you will need to have much other knowledge if you want to ensure success:

· Mentality and self-knowledge

· Marketing

· Sales

· Public speaking

· Finance

· Time management

And long etcetera that will emerge on the go. I am not telling you that you must master all these facets from the beginning, but, at least, keep in mind that you will need it. More than just knowing them, there is the fact that you are going to need them, and that you are not going to be able to spend 100% of your time simply programming, as you would in an office. If this does not go with you, then perhaps entrepreneurship is not for you.

3.  Network

In networking, you will meet everyone who will open the doors to possible opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. If you know people within the sector, they surely have needs that at some point you can cover yours with your services.

In addition to this, being part of the community will make you feel much less alone since you will meet other people who share the same interests and concerns. For me, starting to be part of the community and attending events helped me become passionate about my work and see that there were people who enjoyed what I did every day.

4.  Invest in a personal brand

For me, the most vital point is to stand apart from the competition. If you don’t work on your brand, you will be one of the thousands of developers who could anyone could hire for very cheap to do that work.

Experience can help, but it will not be a differential value. However, if you can show that you are an expert in what you do and share it with the world, many more doors will be opened to you. And what kinds of things can you do to grow your brand? There are many, but here I mention a few

Write a blog

It is the easiest way to start because it does not require exposing your image, only your texts. Write about problems you encounter day by day and how to solve them

Write a book

Here we reach a higher level of complexity since writing a book requires a lot of will power. If you have something significant to tell, don’t doubt that it is one of the best ways to position yourself in the market for a specific topic. 

Books can be self-published; in case you think that there will be no publisher interested in publishing it. But believe me, there are many waiting for a good book.


Giving talks increases your value incredibly, and it is one of the fastest ways to gain authority because it requires many additional skills that a programmer does not necessarily have.

If you can prepare content and explain it clearly in front of an audience, you will have come a long way. The talks could initially be in your own company, to be in a safe environment.

Later, you could go on to give talks at small local events and finally jump into significant events. It doesn’t seem very easy, but it is a worthwhile effort.

Create a portfolio

When someone comes to you, they need to know if what you do fits what they are looking for, both in form and in the final quality. A portfolio that shows what you have achieved will open many doors for you. It can be both personal Apps and Apps you have made for other people, as programming projects and assignments on GitHub on different topics.

If you take advantage of the blog articles to support them with an example on GitHub, you will be adding value in both points at the same time.

Participate in Groups, forums, and social networks

It is an excellent way for people to meet you in the online environment. If you know developer groups, help them solve their problems, and they will have you on their mind when they need something. Spend time on platforms like Stack Overflow.

If you also season all this with some interesting social media profiles, to which people want to subscribe to stay up to date, you will have won friends forever.

Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most potent platforms for generating a brand since it has a powerful search engine, unlike other social networks. It means that the content you publish today can be visited even after many years and remains there, providing value forever (unlike other social networks).

It is the best platform, along with the blog, so that your content lasts over time. Besides, many developers use it in their day to day to continue learning, so it is a very natural environment in which we find ourselves.

If you want to be a freelance developer, start today

Let me tell you that it is not necessary to jump into the pool overnight. Starting today, you can start creating your brand so that the day you decide to take a leap of faith, you do so with a vast network that will save you from falls.

It is not an easy path, but if this is what you want, it will more than compensate for everything that a traditional company can offer you. You will own your time and be the boss of yourself, and that is priceless.