Process Consulting

It is time to reduce costs, time and risks. The pressures on organizations and companies around the world are increasing. As a result, companies need to improve their processes to achieve greater agility, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Why a process consultancy?

We will not reinvent the company with our service but will identify possible improvements and apply new technologies to provide solutions to large and small companies.


The company becomes able to adapt to changes and grow.


The company becomes more productive in cost, time, and quality.


The company becomes capable of achieving its business goals.

We give speed to your projects.

With WitNip Tech we give speed to your projects. Moreover, we accompany you in its implementation to make your investment profitable

Why witnip?

We will help you increase the company’s profitability, make production efficient, adapt the organization to the market, optimize processes, develop digital assets and enhance human talent, among other needs.

Process consulting methodology

We carry out process consulting through a discipline that combines technologies and methodologies known as Business Process Management, also called BPM (Business Process Management). It is based on a continuous improvement cycle made up of four stages:


We model the processes through a diagram in a graphical notation (such as the BPMN standard, for example), which allows us to visualize and discuss how they work.


We measure time and amounts of work performed using performance indicators (KPI's) to draw objective conclusions on where to improve.


We automate the processes using a BPM Suite, where the different participants of each stage can do their part of the work.


We optimize and introduce improvements derived from the previous analysis to improve the process and start again.

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