Refund Policy

We provide full refund of your project fee within 14 days in below cases. Just email us at with your order details we will get back to you within 1 working day and will try to resolve the issue at earliest.

  • If we are unable to deliver project/ service/ solution/ consultation before deadline
  • and/or If we deliver incorrect or partial solution/ service/ consultation to your problem or requirements.
  • and/or If solution or service provided does not meet your requirements and expectations.

To refund or not to refund is completely at our discretion. We will refund based on the facts and evidences and you cannot involve any third-party/ payment felicitators/ payment processors like banks, card issuers, Payoneer  or PayPal within the first 14 days of dispute doing so will disqualify you from getting any refunds you can read terms & conditions for more details on that. After 14 days if you are unsatisfied by the resolution provided by us you are free to involve or file dispute with your banks/ card issuer or payment processor.

In most cases we issue 100{dde4693a174f087cc026167069b35a9be165fba0102d740feebc175b4b9b30f5} refund if your case is genuine and you do not get what you paid for.

What about Disputes or Complaints?

Going with the past records we have delivered 98{dde4693a174f087cc026167069b35a9be165fba0102d740feebc175b4b9b30f5} successfully with positive feedback without any disputed & complaints. But there is no denying fact that shit does happen so we have an unbiased mechanism to deal with such things.

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