Software Consulting

Tell us what problem you want to solve, and we will tell you which Software to choose.  We help you in the evaluation and selection of Software to minimize the risk in the most important purchase of your company.

Why a software consultancy?

70% of companies that selected unsupported Software admit to making mistakes.A formal process is the cheapest way and the one that gives the best results, minimizing the risks of a failed project.

The outsourcing of services allows you to access the knowledge and experience of expert professionals. In addition, Software consulting is temporary help for a specific project, where the permanent hiring of employees is not necessary.


Brief list of FAQs

Why does your company need Software?

The Software will change the way your company does business. It will help increase efficiency, facilitate decision-making, and identify problem areas that hinder the growth and success of the organization.

When is the custom software Necessary?

During the company’s growth, there comes the point where you need a superior tool to stand out in the market and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Sometimes industrialized products force the company to update its work model to that of the tool, matching the processes with those of the rest of the competition. The custom software development service allows you to extend these limits. It concentrates resources in the right place, providing the company with flexibility, customer service, and the management of priorities necessary to progress.

Why can an ERP implementation fail?

Software is only 20% in an implementation project. 30% are business processes, and 50% of success depends on people. Implementing the enterprise system requires the services of many professionals. It requires the cooperation of various parties, including the company’s top management, the technology area, certain key employees, and, of course, the supplier. The people who participate have ideas, visions, approaches, and interests that sometimes contrast. Differences of opinion and communication gaps can be detrimental to the project.

Why go to a third party if the software provider already has the training and support?

Companies that decide to implement business software do not always have much time to do so, but it is important to understand that it is an important process and takes time. We provide external support to minimize the risks of the implementation process in which half of the success depends on people.

Why Witnip Tech?

Our goal is to help you. We have more than 10 years of experience in management software. Unfortunately, many stories are told about ERP software vendor selection projects wasting time and money by taking shortcuts and not working hard enough in the evaluation and selection process.


Reduces the risks of a choice and enables conditions to be negotiated with suppliers

It minimizes the main obstacle of all projects: resistance to change.

It helps to qualify better providers and the solution they offer.

We adapt to your needs and operate accordingly

If you are starting the project, we will work with your team to build the request for information to suppliers or RFI (Request For Information) and then the request for proposal or RFP (Request For Proposal)

What if you have already started the project?

Perhaps you have already prepared a few minimal lines, and in that case, we will support you by reviewing the documentation already prepared. This way, you will be sure that you have not omitted important topics.

Our experts await your message.

Save time and money. Complete the form, and you will receive the contact of an expert consultant.

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